Tips And Strategies For Making Yourself Worry Less, More Thankful And Lose More Weight

How to worry less and lose more weight. First remember that worry can take away your happiness. When you are not happy, you are likely to be moody and eat more. Instead of worrying about the goals you did not meet today, focus on those things that make you thankful today. Here are few tips and strategies for making yourself, worry less, more thankful and lose more weight.

When you are thankful, you become less worried and stressed out. Here is my own example. Hopefully, you already know that as much as I can, I share with you and others, how to relentlessly improve and achieve our daily goals. One of my daily goals is relentless weight loss. Well you can imagine my surprise that I had gained 7 pounds last week. This got me worried, because I had actually lost weight during the holidays.

The first thing I did was to do a quick 72- hour food audit to find out what change or pattern in my eating habit had helped me gain more weight than I wanted. I found out that in the past 2 weeks, I had been eating more portions of my healthy food choices like oat meal, and brown rice. Instead of getting mad at myself for stumbling, I decided to be thankful for my journey so far and focus on the future. This approach made me worry less about how I was going to lose weight or what my accountability partners would say, when I told them that I had gained some weight.

I shared my struggles with others and focused on cutting my portion size by about a third of my old portion size. This is actually the second tip and strategy for losing weight; taking action. I did not wallow in self pity or look for whom to blame. I was actually thankful that I didn’t gain too much weight. The other action I took was to double my portion of vegetables and fruits. I also told myself that considering that we are dealing with the pandemic, dealing with weight gain was not that big in the scheme of things.

This made me become less concerned about myself and more concerned about the plight of others either admitted with COVID19 or those with loved ones or friends. This part of the process of living in thanksgiving. I worried less about myself and more about more important things like people being safe and getting the COVID vaccine. The funny thing was that, when I thought more about others, I became more thankful, worried less and slept more. Do you you know what happened? I started losing weight again. I was back on track to relentless weight loss and improvement. I will keep you informed. Today, I focus on thankfulness. It is the glue that keeps my challenging life intact. Being grateful instead of anxious makes me more successful at losing weight and in other things that I do. You can do the same too, if you stay committed to looking at the positive side of life. This is part of the process of relentless sel-mastery and improvement.

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