Thinking About Becoming a Naturist? Here Are Some Great Tips to Get Started

It may well be that the current publicity that naturism is getting, is stirring an urge within you to experience being in a nudist environment yourself.

But how would you get started? Its not as if you would march straight into your local naturist club and strip off, or maybe you could… in which case its a waste of your time reading this!

Most people though, would approach something of this nature in a very cautious manner, after all, there maybe all sorts of deep rooted anxieties going on.

Possibly the best way to start practising naturism is on holiday. Most people lose some of their inhibitions and stresses amongst like-minded strangers in a sunny resort.

So here are some top tips on becoming a fully fledged naturist.

1. Go to a proper, designated nudist area. You don’t want your first time naked on a beach to be interrupted by any local authority!

2. When you first get naked, you will feel as though the rest of the beach are looking at you. They are not. (usually)

When you are ready to disrobe, do so in a matter-of-fact manner. It is when a first-timer looks nervous and dithers, that could attract attention.

3. Use plenty of high factor sun lotion on those bits and pieces of your body, that have never before seen the light of day.

4. Do everything at your own pace, there is no rush. The whole idea of the exercise is about freedom and enjoyment.

5. If you get the opportunity, do chat to fellow nudists – their first-time experiences will mirror your own, and add to your confidence.

6. When you feel totally comfortable in your nakedness, definitely do go for a swim in the nude. You will be amazed at how free and next to nature you feel. From now on you may actually resent the wet, clingy swimwear that you would have on conventional holidays!

7. Moisturise heavily at the end of the day.

8. When you return from your naturist holiday, immediately phone your nearest naturist club and ask to make a pre-joining visit.

During the visit, don’t be frightened to ask as many questions as possible. The person showing you around will also be asking you questions, because they will want to know that you will fit in to their clubs ethos.

If you are male, you may not be accepted as a member straight away, this is only because most naturist clubs will want to keep the right balance between male and female, and the majority of naturist club applications are male, so they may put you on a waiting list.

Book up for your next naturist holiday!

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