Take Your Holiday To Florida And Enjoy The Unusual Side

If you are into paranormal happenings, you will want to plan your holiday to Florida to start at Tallahassee. The Sunland Hospital is a point of interest for seekers of the unknown. It is said that the patients of the hospital were mistreated and is now haunted by a few. The hospital has been closed for over twenty years. You cannot enter the building, but it is something to see. Another fascinating place is the Old City Cemetery in Tallahassee. A supposes white witch is buried in the cemetery and her gave is the most visited gave there. Her gave faces west instead of east like most.

The two other places you might find interesting when you are planning your holiday to Florida are Florida State University and the University Cawthon Hall Dormitory. Some say that former cadets that were housed there many years ago haunt the University. A woman can be seen walking outside the campus grounds right around midnight. The dormitory seems to house a poltergeist. This place is something to see and hear the unusual stories. Two other places to explore are the Oak Lawn Cemetery and the Lively Building for some adventure.

Paranormal happening are part of Florida and other areas of the world. It does seem that Tallahassee has more than there share of ghosts and haunting. Your holiday to Florida will be exciting to say the least when you plan a vacation seeking haunting places around Florida. After Tallahassee, you can travel to Fort Lauderdale where you can visit the Butterfly World. It is an amazing collection of beautiful and colorful butterflies. Since you are not far from Miami, you can visit the Monkey Jungle Farm. The monkeys run wild and you are the one in a cage so to speak. It is fun to sit and watch for hours.

Holidays to Florida do not have to be about Disney World or Sea World. It can be about adventure and seeing things that are off the beaten track. The one place to spend the entire day is at the Miami Zoo. The animals and exhibits are amazing to watch. Some of the antics of the habitants of the zoo will delight any age. You can enjoy a nice sunny day without worrying about lunch or dinner. The zoo grounds have some very nice eateries where you can have a quick lunch or a sit down lunch.

When you are planning your holiday to Florida, you want to plan a few other places to see or maybe you will want to spend a few days in the sun. The beaches are enjoyable as well as the nightlife. You can visit some excellent nightclubs in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Tallahassee. The areas are interesting and have live entertainment and some fine restaurants for dining. You are going to enjoy your time in Florida no matter how you plan your trip. You should try to see some of the unusual things Florida has to offer.

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