Satisfying Your Five Senses in Bintan

Getting To Bintan

Negeri Segantang Lada, or famously known as Bintan Island is the second most promoted tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali. You can travel to Bintan on the many available Bintan free and easy tour packages on the internet. To get to this island, you need to travel by boat from Telaga Punggur Ferry Terminal of Indonesia. Not only that, when you want to get away from the bustle of Singapore the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal offers trips to this island. Since Bintan is very close to the equator, the island experiences tropical climate all year-round. You will seldom experience rain usually from July to November, but this will not affect a lot to enjoy your visit here.

Getting Away From The City

Since it is isolated from the main land of Indonesia, tourists will enjoy the serenity of the island and appreciate more of the island’s beauty. You do not have to worry where you will stay for there are numbers of hotels and resorts to choose from that will best suit you. There are massage parlors near the beach area to boost tourist’s relaxation.

Action-Packed Adventure

If you seek action-packed adventure, you could ask the hotel you are staying or from the locals to arrange you for a hike or ATV rides. But if you want for an adventure of a lifetime, you could ask them to bring you to the elephant park and you could ride one of the tamed elephants there. Not only you could hike, bike and ride in Bintan, but you could also play golf there. A golf course is made to increase the number of tourists visit there. Bintan Island is a perfect place to play golf with your family and colleagues because of the wide array of land to play. While playing, you cannot ignore to notice the beauty of the island. Prices vary and it is smart to ask different locals for price comparison. In this way, you could save up your money to spend on other things in your stay in Bintan.

Perfect For Seafood Lover

Good news for seafood lovers, for majority of Bintan restaurants offers seafood cuisine in their menu for an affordable price. It is useful to know a few Indonesian phrases when ordering food because English menu are not always available. But if you want new taste in your palate, you could ask the restaurant to give you their local cuisine. But vegetarians need not to worry for they could still enjoy the local cuisine just make sure to request “no meat” in your meal.

Given that the locals are generally Muslims (Muslims do not typically drink alcoholic beverages), only a few shops offer beer and wine. If you want to drink booze, you could ask your hotel concierge where you could buy one.


In general, Bintan Island is an excellent vacation spot whether to get away from stress or to enjoy a trip with the family. Even if you do not have extra money to spend on island activities, surely you will still bring home memorable moments. For your stay itself in Bintan, from the beauty of the beach to the food you tasted, Bintan have satisfied all of your five senses.

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