Not A Cheerful Holiday? Be Part of The Muscat Holidays

Muscat is located in Oman, a predominant Muslim country. There are many different Muscat Holidays. In January they celebrate with the Muscat holidays Festival. This festival is a celebration of Heritage and one of the biggest festivals of the year. This festival consists of Handicrafts, Folklore, theatrical performances, educational seminars, poetry readings, literature readings, and Muscat History.

It is both educational and cultural. In the month of March, Omanis celebrate Eid al Adha, also called the Festival of Sacrifice. During this festival any Muslim capable of making the pilgrimage to Mecca does so. The sacrifice of sheep, camels and cows also commence. The meat from these animal’s sacrifice is given to those that are less fortunate. The Islamic New Year, or Muharram, is in April. Any live entertainment and alcohol is banned during this time of year. June is very special, particularly mid-June, being Mohammad’s birthday or Mawlid Al Nabi. Salalah Khareef Festival runs the 6 weeks from mid-July to August. This festival is to celebrate the Monsoon season and cultural Heritage of Oman.

Oman hotels are highly popular during this time. September holds the Shopping Festival, where special deals and the Autumn Trade Fair can be found at the Oman International Exhibition Centre. This Exhibition Centre also plays host to The Motor Show. Motor shows consist of the newest models of vehicles and is open to the residents and public for viewing. Mid-November, approximately the 18th, is National Day. Camel Racing, Dancing, and fireworks can be seen on this day. Eid al Fitr, also in November, is a 3 day festival to celebrate the end of Ramadan. This is a time to enjoy being around family and eating wonderful traditional dishes. There is not any empty Muscat Hotels when these holiday times come each year.

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