Luxury Holidays To Mykonos – Recommended Hotels For The Jet Set

Taking holidays to Mykonos, with your family or with an amazing group of friends can be the most unforgettable experience of your life. Being able to travel to the beautiful, intoxicating and equally exotic Grecian islands is something that most people only dream about, but then it has been proven for quite a number of time that it is completely possible!

Luxury vacations to Mykonos are fantastic and with the right hotel to relax at, they can be absolutely perfect for you, your partner or your friends. Holidays to Mykonos are best enjoyed when you have your reservations made far ahead of time. The tourist season is at its peak during the summer months, specifically between the months of July and August.

Therefore, it is very important for you to be able to book your flight in advance. The planes for your trip to Mykonos don’t typically land on the island itself. You will probably have to fly into the mainland, preferably Athens and from there, grab a ferry or a smaller plane to finally be able to get you to the island.

Once you have that done, you can now take pleasure the captivating beauty and beat of the island for as long as you care to stay! There are many beautiful places to lodge and have the most memorable moments during family, friends’ or couples’ holidays to Mykonos.

There are actually some people who prefer to lodge on the mainland, in Athens, due to the fact that it is more convenient to access other tourist attractions such as the Parthenon and the ruins. These hotels that most of the tourists choose to settle in are the Acropolis, Amazon and Astor.

Indeed, Mykonos itself is home to some gorgeous beachfront accommodations for a top-of-the-line holidays to Mykonos. The famous Cavo Tagoo is a beautiful hotel located on the lip of a lovely harbor. Saint John boasts a huge swimming pool that is actually a part of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Paladium Hotel is decorated in the traditional blue and white colors of Grecian architecture. It, like the Acrogiali Hotel and the Royal Myconian Resort, looks out over the waters and presents guests with the ability to enjoy balcony seating outside of their private rooms.

These said hotels are the most sought after by those living the jet set lifestyle. Bear in mind that receiving the ultimate pleasure on your holidays to Mykonos will definitely begin with the place that you decide to settle in.

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