Kite Competition

Kite traveling is an incredibly popular sport in China, India, Japan, Thailand and quite a few other international locations. ‘Kite fights’ are held in numerous nations, where by kite fighters try to minimize competitors’ kites down or tear them if possible. Kite fighters pass their strings by way of an amalgam of glue and floor glass powder, building it a lot more strong and liable to minimize the strings of competing kites. This follow can be hazardous, considering the fact that the strings also have the efficiency to injure folks.

A kite opposition is recognized as “Gudiparan Bazi” in Afghanistan. In advance of the commence of the war in the country, “Gudiparan Bazi” was a interest for a lot of Afghans. From the gorgeous designs of the kites, which arrived in several designs, to the producing of the “tar” (wire), it was a make any difference of prestige to contend for the title of the very best kite fighter in the community. This activity became a usually means of escapism for Afghans throughout the troubled situations of the war.

In India, the competition of Makar Sankranti is concerned with flying kites. Celebrated every single January 14, you can see million of kites all over North India. It is particularly well-known in the condition of Gujarat, exactly where the pageant is a public holiday break.

The Japan Kite Affiliation organizes a gathering of kite fliers just about every year at Uchinada. The “”classic”” festivals below are centered on one geographical space and one type of kite. This competition, however, draws in kites and fliers from all more than the country.

The kite-traveling occasion at Weifang, China, draws in competition from all in excess of China, and some from the rest of the World. This festival witnesses an astounding range of handcrafted kites. Several intercontinental opponents are also current.

The Thai Kite Heritage Group organizes a kite-flying function of international stature just about every two several years on the Royal Palace’s polo subject. It is no overstatement to simply call the festival “majestic”.

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