Holiday Peace

Blessing for the holidays- whatever your spiritual path, east to west from all around the world may we celebrate and honor the infinite light and universal source of love that we all are!May hearts everywhere be filled with peace, love, joy and gratitude!

During this busy season of shopping for gifts, preparing food for celebrations and rushing about may we take a moment to reflect on the gift of light that this season brings. Many people honor the incarnation of beloved Jesus and the teachings that he came to impart. His humble presence upon the Earth inspired the Christmas holiday. As a master of love and light he is best known for his message to love one another. He exemplified this teaching by leading through example and tapping in to a source of love that was beyond his own. His life of selfless service reminds us to embody our greatest good, to help lift one another and to be a channel for the infinite source self to flow through us.Especially during the holiday hecticness, it behooves us to slow down, remember peace is within and lovingly give the gift of our presence to one another.

All through history there have been times of adversity, suffering and strife but during this season of light let us put aside any differences and focus instead on the mighty I am presence of light within our own hearts that unites us all. Let us be the beacons of light in this world. Let us join with the angels and archangels and ascended beings of light who offer their blessings upon this planet, and be bold ourselves and light up the lives of those around us! We can be the Earth angels! A gentle touch, a kind word, a look of encouragement, these tiny acts of tenderness can be some of the greatest gifts ever given. I encourage you to make a phone call or visit with someone you know who is alone during this holiday season. This loving gesture might just be the best gift both you and them receive all day, for as the Master Jesus said ” it is in giving that we receive”.

Count your blessings and let your inner light shine! Whatever holiday of light you celebrate during this season, whether it is Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, the solstice or simply meditating on the light within, may your light grow and shine in this world and together we can transform the darkness into light and bring more peace to ourselves and this planet.

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