Holiday In Cyprus

Cyprus is the most easterly island in the Mediterranean Sea and is a popular holiday destination. The capital city Nicosia is the only divided capital city in the world. It has a climate that gives it an all year round appeal, although the majority of tourists visit in the summer. The southern part of the Island is an independent country that is a member of the European Union. The northern part of the island is considered to be under Turkish control, as the only country in the world that recognises Northern Cyprus as a country is Turkey.

The main tourist destinations are Ayia Napa in the southeastern corner, Limassol on the southern coast and Paphos in the southwest and a smaller resort of Polis in the northwest corner of the island. Each resort has its own individual merits and attractions. Ayia Napa is considered to be the party destination on the island of Cyprus whereas Limassol is a busy working port with tourist areas to the east of the main town. Paphos is a smaller town full of historic sites with a mature tourist industry. Inland from the beaches, there are plenty of smaller villages on the plain and in the Troodos Mountains for those who want experience the more traditional life.

Finding a holiday letting in Cyprus is easy as there is a wide choice of properties available. Many holiday villa rentals are around the main tourist destinations of Ayia Napa and Paphos. There are plenty of rental villas available inland as this is the most common form of accommodation for tourists.

Holiday villas in Cyprus range from the smaller apartment style property to a large house. The larger properties often come with a small swimming pool, but as water is a precious commodity, they are not as common as in some other holiday destinations. Most holiday lettings are within easy reach of a beach. An essential requirement in summer is air conditioning as the nights can be very warm (30-35C). The price of a villa will depend on the size, the number of rooms, location and the time of the year.

Getting around in Cyprus is easy and hire cars are relatively cheap and petrol is usually a little cheaper than in the UK. For people used to driving in the UK, it will be very familiar as they drive on the left hand side of the road. There are buses between the main towns and cities, but in the rural and inland areas there are very few bus services. When renting a holiday villa outside one of the main towns, a hire car is essential to get around the island.

Flying to Cyprus is easy and there are direct scheduled flights to the two main airports, Paphos to the West and Larnaca towards the East, all year round. In the summer there are frequent charter flights that increase the options for travelling there. It is possible to visit the Northern part of Cyprus, but it is essential to make sure that the visa is on a slip of paper and there are no stamps on your passport as they can make it difficult when travelling elsewhere in the world.

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