Discover a Whole New Opulent Holiday Experience by Booking Your Stay at Luxury Villas in Pattaya

Luxury tourism as a trend is fast catching on the world over, thanks to the economic boom and the rising upper middle class. So, how can Pattaya, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world stay behind in this aspect? Once known as the symbol of Asian culture, Pattaya is now also known as a premium luxury travel destination, owing to the recent boom in the tourism culture and with the setting up many luxury villas, hotels and resorts here. Right from leading western hotel chains to peaceful private villas, tourists can explore a plethora of luxury stay options here together with some lavish fine dining restaurants, for a never like before holiday experience.

One of the hottest beach-resort destinations in Thailand and the world over, Pattaya is sought after by travelers of all ages. With its wide variety of activities, accommodation options and nightlife venues, it has long caught the eye of the discerning traveler. However, it is the recent improvements in the luxury category that has made Pattaya an even more irresistible holiday destination. A popular beach resort on the Gulf of Thailand just 150 km southeast of Bangkok, a mere two hour drive, Pattaya is well known for its pulsating nightlife and scenic beaches. The sea of luxury villas, 5-star hotels, together with the local authorities’ intervention to improve the quality of the beaches has reinvented Pattaya as a more family-friendly and romantic destination, also inclined towards luxury.

Today, hundreds of thousands of visitors are drawn each year to Pattaya not just to enjoy the beaches and the thrilling water sports like windsurfing, skiing, snorkeling etc but also to indulge their body and mind in the soothing Thai massages, renowned in Pattaya. While many others simply seek to immerse their senses in the lavish hospitality offered here. Another tempting avenue for tourists is the wide selection of restaurants serving some of Thailand’s freshest and not to mention finest seafood options together with a throbbing party culture. Adding to this overall aura of opulence are the luxury villas in Pattaya, scattered around various picturesque locations, that promise to offer seasoned travelers a never like before glimpse into luxury and extravagance.

Pattaya is home to some of the finest luxury villas in the world. Built on huge acres of land, the experience that villas in Pattaya can offer are truly unmatched. Multiple bedrooms (often ranging from 3 to 8) done up in warm hues and interiors, numerous and not to mention large bathrooms, private swimming pools and lawns are just some of the exquisite amenities that come with a villa. Even the finest of hotels cannot match the experience of staying in villas in terms of the sheer comfort, space, privacy and romantic ambience villas are known to have. Not to mention, many even boast of private golf courses, personalized butler service, terrace gardens and Jacuzzi bathrooms. Travelers looking to indulge in this sort of exclusive and royal stay can easily book villas in Pattaya from the many reputed villa rental companies in Thailand and can choose from numerous options available at various budgets – starting from affordable to expensive, thereby offering something for every kind of a traveler.

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