Tobago Sailing

The Lat Extended co-ordinates for Scarborough the major port in Tobago is 11 levels 12 Minutes North and 60 levels 44 minutes West. There are two principal ports of entry into Tobago, Scarborough to the south facet of the Island and Charlotteville north-east of the Island.

Tobago is a very fairly Island twenty-7 miles extensive and seven miles broad with heaps of bays to anchor in to discover all elements of the Island. Approaching Tobago is done from all points of the compass but the common ways are from the north Grenada, from the east an Atlantic crossing from Cape Verdi, from the south, Brazil, Venezuela, or its sister Island Trinidad, and from the west it is additional difficult for sailing yachts owing to the prevailing easterly trade winds.

There are no marinas in Tobago as still but there are programs that may well materialize in the long term. The principal anchorages are to the Caribbean side, North Coastline of the Island and 3 to the south aspect, I will list the Caribbean aspect first as it getting extra popular.

Milford Bay(acknowledged regionally as Keep Bay) 11 levels 9.5 minutes North – 60 levels 5.5 minutes West.

A very well-known anchorage which can accommodate up to almost certainly 60 yachts, there are mooring buoys but, sad to say they cannot be reliable so it is recommended to go to anchor alternatively. The only maritime services on the island are Store Bay Marine Providers, in retail store bay where by you can get, repairs, fuel and drinking water, an net caf with wi-fi in addition laundry products and services. Bars and dining establishments with takeout foodstuff are in this place. Acquiring provisions are a short walk or small taxi experience away. Destinations to take a look at are Pigeon Level quite well known tourist seaside facility with wonderful views above the turquoise sea to the Buccoo Reef, a glass base boat excursion to the reef and the nylon pool i would advised and its good snorkelling.

Buccoo Bay

Situated to the east of the reef is a smaller shallow anchorage commonly utilised by regional fisherman, it has a small jetty for off loading their capture. Mt Irvine Bay. Located to the north of Buccoo Bay also known as Minor Courland Bay is a great anchorage in around 6 metres of water, there are very good beach front services, a hotel and primary highway accessibility.

Stone Haven Bay.

A not too common anchorage with 6 metres of h2o, you want to tuck in to the north stage which allows in a northerly swell. There are two hotels and a beach front bar facility and almost certainly the ideal cafe on the Island, The Sea Horse Inn.

Excellent Courland Bay

Situated to the north of Mt Irvine Bay, Plymouth city is to the north of the bay and has a jetty, shops and compact bars and dining places close by. Anchor just round Courland Place but observe out for the shallows managing south of the stage.

Functioning north of Plymouth are a series of compact bays for day anchoring, snorkelling and swimming, Arnos Vale Bay, Anse Fromager, Culloden Bay, Washerwomen’s Bay, King Peter Bay, Gordan Bay, and Celery Bay,

Castara Bay.

Now midway up the Island and owning a again fall of the mountains of the rain forest this is a extremely pretty bay with heaps of services, stores, bars, dining establishments, hotels and residences should you want a land break! In this anchorage you have to have to get tucked into the north position and near in as it is a deep anchorage.

Englishman’s Bay 11 levels 17.5 minutes North – 60 levels 40.5 minutes West

This is one particular of my favorite anchorages for its views and rain forest obtain. It is a very deep anchorage with close to 14 metres of drinking water the east shore staying a tiny shallower for anchoring. On shore there is a beach front restaurant and bar palm trees, bamboo, river inlet and great thrilling bathing and snorkelling!

Parlatuvier Bay.

Yet another area fisher mans with a tiny jetty and 13 metres of h2o. There is a bar and cafe a bit of a hike up the hill on the principal highway, overlooking the bay for good images.

Bloody Bay.

This bay is fed by the Bloody River and near in is fairly shallow with rocks and drying parts, there are no seaside services but it does have principal street entry.

Man of War Bay (Charlotteville)

Port of Entry One of the major and deepest bays on the Island, the more compact cruise ships someday use this bay. The mid depth contour line runs at 50 metres and has restricted anchorages demonstrated on the chart, the finest position for anchoring is future to Pirates bay to the east but you will be in 15 metres of drinking water.

Charlotteville city is a port on entry with customs and immigration facilities, retailers, dining places and bars it has a jetty and a dingy dock which is a little bit of a luxury in Tobago. Again the back again fall of the rain forest at 500 metres makes this a popular favourite anchorage. Off the boat you can do some great fishing here and i would propose you take a look at this bay, this is paradise, wonderful.

Brissant & Tyrrel’s Bays.

Having remaining Man of War Bay we are now likely all around the north of the Island and sailing among Tobago principal land and Saint Giles Island to the Atlantic side of the Island. As you head in the direction of Brissant Bay you will see Goat Island & Small Tobago, there are 5 anchorages in this region, two to Minimal Tobago, two to Goat Island and a single to the major land with a jetty.

This is a chook watchers paradise in actuality the other identify for Small Tobago is Chicken of Paradise Island, Goat Island is popular for the bond movies writer Ian Fleming currently being a recluse there for numerous decades ahead of his demise. To the major land there are accommodations, outlets and not far too far absent just one of the ideal sea foods dining places on the Island Jemma’s Kitchen in Speyside, really worth a visit for fresh lobster!

Kings Bay.

Pointing thanks south, this bay is good shelter in a northerly swell, some seashore facilities and key highway accessibility. A deep anchorage at between 15 to 20 metres and is fed by a river.

Scarborough (Port of Entry)

This is the major port of entry in Tobago acquiring a passenger terminal for sea cat ferries and cruise liners, customized and immigration, and RoRo services. The anchorage is to the starboard side of the terminal on getting into and the entry can be hectic. Scarborough is a regular money city with all that has to present, outlets taxi’s, buses, and nearby eating places and bars. This is the spot to provision up with h2o and diesel remaining available but you have to have to get permission to occur along facet the jetty!


This is a fantastic location to take a look at for a yachtsman and a terrific place to discover some of the best anchorages in the environment with the prettiest of backdrops, extremely friendly and valuable locals who are wonderful folks to, as they say “lime with” and delight in the working day.


While this posting has some in-depth info it should really not be applied for any navigational functions, it is a manual only. A warning on the charts states that anchorages along the north coastline of Tobago really should be averted for the duration of wintertime ground swell time November to April. I hope this post has given you some inspiration of Tobago and its sailing floor and we glimpse forward to welcoming you to this Paradise Island.

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