Lake Nipissing Cottage Rentals – Why Choose the South Shore?

It’s not easy to choose the perfect location for your family’s next summer vacation. There are many choices available that offer exciting activities, comfortable accommodations and the opportunity to create lasting memories. If your family is interested in booking a cottage on Lake Nipissing for next summer, there are many reasons why the south shore area should be your primary focus.

There are generally three main factors to consider when selecting a lake or region for your next cottage rental. They are resort location, fishing quality and beach quality. Other factors such as the quality and personality of the owners and arrangement and cleanliness of the cottages are also important but these factors are not influenced by the region where they are located. The priority of each of these factors will depend on what’s important to your family. Is travel time the priority? Are you going to spend most of your time fishing or lounging on the beach? Answering these questions will help you decide how to prioritize.

The actual location of the cottage resort can have a significant influence on your cottage rental experience. Anything more than a four or five hour drive can make your arrival and departure days very long which really takes away from your overall enjoyment. The cottage resort location will also determine the views, such as sunrises and sunsets, and will have a significant influence on the quality of the fishing and beach.

If you are looking at renting a cottage on any of the many smaller lakes in Ontario, it can be difficult to really assess what the fishing is like. Smaller lakes can seem secluded and give the impression that they will have more fish to catch but they are far more likely to be affected by overfishing and any number of environmental factors. Lake Nipissing is well known to professional and amateur fishermen. It is a large, relatively shallow lake with an excellent fishery. Despite the fact that Lake Nipissing hosts many fishermen, it has such a strong fishery and resource management system that fish populations are stable and growing. Many experts are predicting that based on recent studies, the next couple years will be some of the best ever for pickerel fishing in Lake Nipissing. The south shore of Lake Nipissing is a particularly good fishing area due to the natural structures and currents.

Lake Nipissing’s south shore also boasts by far the best beaches and views anywhere on the lake. The sunsets are almost always over the water which makes for a particularly nice view. Locations on the eastern south shore also benefit from weather patterns and currents which ensure that the nicest beaches with the best sand are all along the south shore. Some of the best cottage resorts are located in sheltered bays and behind islands allowing for a perfect combination of views and protected beaches.

If you are looking for the perfect cottage rental location for your family’s next summer vacation, then Lake Nipissing’s south shore has to be at the top of the list. Nowhere else can offer the combination of fishing, beaches and views.