How to Windsurf – Lesson 4 – Harness and Footstraps

The two strategies that comprise the intermediate degree of windsurfing are employing the harness traces and sailing in the foot-straps. The two must be approached individually but they variety of complement every single other so I decided to put them in a solitary short article.

Usually the harness is taught to start with as it makes it possible for us to have lengthier classes on the water and thus progress much more. The foot-straps turn into related as quickly as we start to choose up pace and/or start to sail in choppy drinking water or waves.


The harness is pointless if the harness traces are established up improperly, so let us commence with that. The right position of the harness lines is when we do not have to use any arms on the growth when are hooked in. The sails pressure stage is somewhere close to half a metre from the mast at all around head height. This indicates that the harness lines must be positioned so that the harness line clips on the growth are at the similar length on possibly side of the situation perpendicular to this place.

To hook into the harness it is very significant that we are currently utilised to sailing in the right windsurfing position. This largely suggests windsurfing with a stretched overall body: the entrance foot, knee, hips and shoulder all in a straight line. The motive is that this is the position we will be in when hooking in (and preferably when we are sailing hooked in) and if we are not cozy, making use of the harness can be quite unpleasant and will get considerably obtaining used to. Awkward sailing in the harness will outcome in not relying on the harness to keep the sail and not laying again and relieving the arms.

Sailing in the harness is basically creating confident that we do not use our fingers to keep the sail. The only issue we do with our palms is make corrections to the sail place as we are sailing. Significant to take note is that we shift the sail ahead or backwards to improve the position of the sails tension point relative to the board. Apart from that we have to don’t forget to only pull with a person hand or the other both to close the sail (again hand) or to open up it (entrance hand). Pulling with both palms will most probably outcome in hooking out.

As I just pointed out, to hook out of the harness line, all we have to do is pull each arms towards us and gravity will make the harness line fall out of the hook.


The function of the foot-straps is to continue to keep the board linked to our feet (when leaping) or to aid us remain on the board (in choppy h2o, gusty winds or just plain sailing with heaps of electric power in the sail). Nonetheless, considering that the situation of the footstraps is considerably to the aft of the board, and us currently being to begin with applied to sailing with our toes even more ahead, using the footstraps is a tricky point to study as it implies we ought to shift our human body position.

The very best procedure in discovering how to windsurf with foot-straps is to use a board with no foot-straps and progressively relocating our ft to the again of the board and modifying our entire body placement appropriately at each stage until eventually we are capable to sail comfortably with the toes in the position where the footstraps would be. Only then do I suggest screwing on the footstraps and training obtaining into them.

Now comes the acquiring in to the footstraps. On flat drinking water it is a lot easier to get into the front strap very first as we can maintain the body weight ont the again foot and previously have a very little stability there before we put the back a single in. Nonetheless, in waves or choppy water I constantly propose heading for the again strap 1st as it is the 1 that stops us from undertaking tha catapult. The entrance foot is the pivot position through a catapult and thus obtaining only this foot in the strap is nearly ineffective.

The greatest thing is to concentrate on every single of these techniques individually and not to check out and understand them both equally at the exact time.