Camping 101: The 5 Most Basic Types of Campfires And What They’re For

Finding out to establish a campfire from scratch is a feat. But understanding the ideal variety of fireplace to establish for your needs is equally essential. The style of fireplace you require to make is dependent on how substantially wood you have and what you are heading to use it for. There are sure kinds finest for cooking, for maintaining you warm or for a massive group of campers.

No matter what your intent, listed here are the 5 most essential sorts of campfires and what they’re for:


Teepee is the most popular and most well known variety of campfire. The cone-formed structure has a foundation that is wide and circular which will allow a great movement of oxygen. In flip, this variety of fire burns incredibly hot – great for accumulating close to it for a compact group of persons. It really is also superior for cooking swift meals and for warming. Teepee burns quickly, while – it consumes wooden promptly so it demands frequent routine maintenance.

Log Cabin

The log cabin fire is created by stacking thick logs parallel to a person another, leaving area in the center to let air to stream. This is a slow-burning fireplace, but demands minimal maintenance and burns warm for a very long time. The log cabin is great for cooler weather conditions when you need to have to continue to keep heat by the evening.


Also called the upside down pyramid, this style of campfire is equivalent to log cabin. It is made by stacking thick wood with each other forming a pound indication and the fireplace is burned from the leading, creating a system of coals. Since of this, the system campfire is most excellent for cooking foods.


If you might be reduced on firewood, this is the way to go. The star fire burns the wood bit by little bit unlike other styles which burn off the wooden all at the moment. It is a sluggish burning fire that makes a good flame. This can also be extinguished easily just by pulling the logs away from the middle. Commence by building a little tepee hearth then lay 5 thick logs about it, forming a “star”.

Lean To

Getting a challenging time generating a campfire simply because of windy temperature? The lean to fireplace is your ideal decision since it employs its possess wood as a windbreaker. Even while it truly is windy, this style of campfire needs minimal upkeep.

Now that you know the 5 most fundamental kinds of campfire and what they are for, you can expect to be far more confident on your upcoming camping journey!